Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My days in beijing part I

Asslamamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera kawan2 semua.

sila lihat itenary ringkas saya spt berikut :-

Wednesday - 3 Hb Feb

2.30 ptg- reach Tianjin airport ...after customs declarations met helen ( Our tour guide ) and afterwards went to beijing ..is 2 hours drive

( Looking at the scenery where the snow melt )

5.20- Reach Bejing..wah..so traffic jammed..cars everywhere..I've notice many volkswagen cars in beijing..so many..i ask helen the tour guide.it is because of the market..volkwagen have something like usahasama with china car..like NAZA Chevrolet for example..so the price is affordable in here..

5.45-pm watch the china acrobatic shows...it has many segments...and what can i say it was purely amazing..( Like Jump show in korea but this is more excitement )

( For everyone who wants to go to Beijing whether by tour or by himself/herself , i suggest this is the MUST )

7.00 pm..outside the shows ..is was so cold..-5 I think..take photo and went to shan sui Trends hotel ..leave the luggage in the rooms and wents to dinner in Muslim Restaurant nearby.

8.00 pm- have dinner in the muslim restaurant...the food was delicious..

9.00 PM- bought something in mini market nearby and go back to hotel..watch TV until late midnight..as usual many China Military style drama...like in shanghai

after that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thursday - 3 hb Feb


8.30 am ..after weakeup, went to breakfast..tale a bread, soup and so on...

9.00 am- we went to the Pearl Shop ..is where we know about pearl and its benefit...
the problem is the shopkeeper is like the one in Petaling Street ( Push customers to buy )

10.15 am -Went to silk shop /factory..wow this is great, quite cheaper compare to Malaysian shop...the design is so attractive and this company is directly under China Goverment and one of famous silk that their produce is during the APEX conference in beijing 2001 whereas theres a photo of our beloved Tun Mahathir dress in blue silk..so amazing ..

11.30am- is time for lunch...we eat at Muslim Restaurant nearby..the food is nice but compare with the 1st muslim reaturant yesterday..the 1st one is better

met a group from Felda Travel in which has many malaysian on board the bus...talking and exchanges some information..

12.45 am- Solat zohor at Mosque in there..it has a beautiful chinese architecture..I'm not sure whether this mosque is old like an ancient Mosque but i'm quite fascinate with the design..

after solat said Asslamamualaikum with the imam..he's quite cheerful...

2.00 pm - went to Tianamen Square...Wow..wow..wow...is like 10 X bigger than Dataran Merdeka and it was very crowded and security..the police check your belongings before entering the Tianamen Square..

Take photo and after that take a walk to Forbidden city in which the surrounding is magnificent...

Forbidden City have many castle and it was build during Ming dynasty and all the castles is still very well built.... ( Lets forget about the history here as you can found it in Internet..is just my brief experinece )

is a must also for every tourist.....

4.00 PM - went to foot massage..is free cause include in the trip..theres a doctors from tibet who check my hand and said that my body is full of toxic ( Mana tak nya asik minum coke, teh tarik je ..heheheh ) and although he presumed that i can live long but i'm sick...is like ramalan tapak tangan in central market..

4.50 Pm- went to 1 shop nearby wherea I bought the chinese military hat ( Ushanka in Russian ) just only 15 Yuan ( 7.50 uan ) compare to the cap that I built in Shanghai in which around 40 Yuan..beijing is more or less cheaper..

5.00 PM - have dinner at muslim restaurant...saw a malaysian couple...talking and talking..he and his wife is pro traveller...always travel..just lives in small flat in kg pandan...and every year go to any destination...he works in MARA

6.00 PM- after dinner ..went back to the hotel..hah..the TV not functioning..what happen ?..rosak ke apa...went to the lobby ..ask the receptionist about the problems ...mei yao, mei yao katanya...

so went back to the rooms..play internet. here in every floor have 1 pc use for internet BUT problem is everytime want to log to facebook..is ERROR..ERROR..ERRROR..means Facebook is Banned in china...hmm..no wonder la...
even hotmail also same..only Yahoo can use it. ( Like I did now )


  1. salam bro, u didnt mention which hotel that u sstaying and restoran name.. sadly.. :((