Tuesday, February 9, 2010

days in Tianjin

Sunday - 7th Feb

8.15 am-after Breakfast, take a Triways bus to Beijing train station...pay 60 Yuan for bullet train to tianjin ( 30 mins only )

in meantime..lepak2 ...sembang2

10.15 am- take train....view like in Russia ...all white

10.45 am - reach Tianjin train station....

11.00- take bus to Tainjin...have lunch in restaurant nearby..take photo together

12.00 am - bus goes to tianjin airport..from there take a taxi to Tianjin Holiday Inn Express hotel..just nearby ..10 minutes drive...i have to pay 50 Yuan per taxi..normally is 20 Yuan but due to miscommunications problems and heavy luggage.

2.00 pm- rest at hotel ..nothing to do cause is far away from hotel to city....nothing here...only nearby to the airport.

5.00 pm- take a walk and play internet-so bored

8.00 pm- Dinner ..eat maggie mee and some chocolates with hot coffee cause is far away to the city ...40 minutes by taxis...


Monday - 8th Feb - Tianjin


8.30 am - Breakfats at the hotel..wah..is really delicous cause many variety of foods here ..thats the best when you book at this hotel..

10.30 am - take osme photo outside the hotel

12.30 am - Take Taxis to the airport - the driver understand a few english
only 20 Yuan to teh airport ( 10 minutes ) and I give him extra 10 Yuan due to his hospitality

1.15 pm- checkout luggage at the imegresen..my luggage is not heavy ..only 10 Kg..ok la tu..

3.00 pm- board a flight -i'm sitting besides 2 indonesian couple..Pak Hartono his name

zzzzzzzzzzzzz- Lunch in the flight

11.30 pm - reach LCCT..finally I'm home to Malaysia

12.00 am- after customes..take a cab to home...wah..so hot here

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